A young Detroit couple persevered through the hard times and got married on June 21, 2014. What they thought were hard times!!!!!

Well, while paying for an extravagant wedding, buying a new house and starting a  new business all at the same time, they had no money left for an extravagant honeymoon. I mean it was tight y'all. So tight we could see Ab Lincoln sweating because we were penny pinching. LoL.... So the couple's honeymoon consisted of a box of wine, bologna and cheese sandwiches and numerous visits to the Detroit River Walk to pass time and watch the boats go by until their money got better.  

As luck would have it, on their box of wine and bologna and cheese sandwiches honeymoon on the Detroit River Walk, they saw and heard something. The young newlyweds saw jet ski's jumping waves, splashing water, doing tricks and having so much fun on the Detroit River. What the young newlyweds heard were people walking on the Detroit River Walk saying " I wish they rented Jet Ski's...". The rest is history. 

Thank you Wifey for seeing and believing, thank you Mom and most important Thank you God!!!! 

Our Vision

         " Get Your Jet Ski On Detroit "

Our Story